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My name is Sarita, and I am a published author with a master’s degree in creative nonfiction writing. For me, writing is an act of love. If you choose to work with me, I will commit to the dedication and time required to produce a eulogy that encapsulates the life that has been lost; one that you will be proud to share with others. Being asked to write a eulogy usually comes with a fast-approaching deadline, and the writing process often involves several drafts. Especially when additional memories are recalled. I will be in constant communication with you throughout the time we have together, and my goal is to produce a final version as soon as is possible.

In September of 2020 I learned that my favorite auntie had died. She had been wheelchair bound for several years following a stroke, and had suffered a second heart attack. Like many other people, I had only ventured out to do grocery shopping since March. But my auntie lived in Northern California and I live in Southern California. My husband, Bob, and I knew that we wanted to say goodbye to our beloved auntie, and we wanted to support his wonderful cousins who had lost their mom. We took all the precautions we could think of to attend the limited funeral services.

I helped the cousins shape a eulogy for their mom; I asked them, gently, to try and think about the things they loved most about their mom, the times she had surprised them, had made them laugh. They emailed and texted when their grief parted sufficiently for the warmth and light of what they would miss, what they had still not forgotten, to surface.

For me, I still have aunties of my own, but they remain in the periphery of my life. When we moved to the US from England, my Northern Californian auntie, whom I acquired through marriage, would pick and pack persimmons from her tree, then send them on their journey to our doorstep, 400 miles away. She always called to see if we were safe when she heard about the nearby wildfires. Towards the end of 2020 residents in the north of our city were given evacuation orders because of the proximity of an encroaching fire. Our auntie would have called us to let us know we were in her heart, in her thoughts, and that she wished us well ― had she still been with us in person.

I offer a free initial consultation, so please call 949 202 6063 to assess whether or not you think I’ll be a good fit for your needs. There’s a strong possibility that my phone will categorize your unknown number as spam, so please leave a message, and I will call you back as quickly as I am able to. I look forward to speaking with you.